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Aiko Institute Mission

This web site brings together Perry's various attempts  - through classes, newsletters, magazines, books, and artwork- to keep peaceful images and thoughts in front of people as a way to encourage the world to take a deeper look at the art of peace: Aikido. It is the firm belief of Perry that Aikido has the power to cultivate peace through the education of how to handle situations that would otherwise provoke the fighting spirit. 

Therefore, this web site features two important businesses: Aiko Institute, an educational NPO which offers classes on Aikido and a quarterly newsletter; alongside which serves as an on-line selling resource for Aikido writings and other things Aikido. In the shop, you will find archival products from hard copies of issues of Aikido Today Magazine to homemade liniments to help with training strains, Susan Perry's current publications and artworks and more.

Susan Perry Brushwork

"Susan Perry's brushwork: Love"


Aiko Institute was founded in 2004 as a non-profit educational institute by Susan Perry and her husband the late Ronald G Rubin. Already the founders and head Instructors of Musubi Dojo, one of the country's largest and most innovative dojo for over 35 years, they did not rest. These two academics desired to do more as they were struck by Aikido's power to transform. They were hopeful that a college offering classes taught in an experiential manner could deepen a student's transformation. Many seed classes with fellow academics as well as healers, Rinpoche, and Zen monks took place at Musubi Dojo, and the results were astounding: an at risk kids program was formulated to see how Aikido could help transform troublesome young people and these efforts were lauded by the teachers and principal of their school. Plans were going well. But with the death of Rubin, and the onset of the Covid pandemic, things took a swift turn: Musubi Dojo closed in 2014 after three decades offering special programs for at-risk kids, classes for elders, and 20+ hours a week of Aikido classes for the public. Aikido classes were moved to the City Center of Claremont: the Alexander Hughes Center.

Now ... efforts to rebuild the Aikido classes are front and center: you may sign up for classes at Aiko Dojo, which are offered through the City of Claremont's on line site. The menu bar offers a link to their on-line registration. The classes take place on T/Th evenings from 7-9pm at the Alexander Hughes Center, 1700 Danbury Road in Claremont, CA.

Community Well

Now... there have been more recent issues of the Community Well - Aiko Institute's newsletter - and they are getting composed and published with more frequency. You too, can sign up here to receive this free on-line writing of happenings, insights, and offerings. Just send your email address using the contact button to request you be added to our MailChimp list. You may have to wait for the next issue. Hopefully we'll have an archive of Aiko newsletters on-line soon. Donations to our program development at Aiko Dojo are always welcomed. If you are interested, please see the menu bar.


Soon ... along with - the Aiki business hub of Arete Press, a small publishing company- Perry is releasing for sale the archival holdings of Aikido Today Magazine, a 100 issue international, non-partisan magazine she published for 20 years until its close in 2005. These are actual copies that have been preserved. The Shopify program is currently being put together and once it is ready, there will be other items for sale as well.

Shopify being updated, coming soon.

Get Involved

Donations to Aiko Institute are tax deductible and are always welcomed to help us develop our programs.

If you are interested, please see the button below.

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