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Welcome to for our reintroduction of Susan Perry's legacy issues of Aikido Today Magazine: ATM 1-100. Archival copies of this original magazine under Dr Perry's instruction have been carefully preserved for future generations of Aikido students and teachers who would like to have the originals of so many interviews, articles, dojo spotlights and seminar reports that made ATM famous in the late 1980s to 2005! Here in this newly created site are those very issues. The inventory of these archival copies are the last original, new, unread copies available on the planet! Claim your copies now.

Coming soon - you will find Dr Perry's NEW book: The Hidden Power of Aikido which is coming out in April of 2024 as well as Remembering O-Sensei a popular book of quotes from O-Sensei's direct students and colleagues which together paint a vibrant picture of the Founder of Aikido. 


Coming soon will be a gallery of Susan Perry's artwork. 

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