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From one to, three to one

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Many changes have taken place since the inception of as the selling arm for Aikido Today Magazine products. The magazine published successfully for 20 years (100 issues) as a division of Arete Press and with much fanfare closed the publication of ATM in 2005.

Under Arete Press, also published many Aiki efforts founded by two energetic and dedicated professors: the late Ronald Rubin and his wife and partner in adventure -

Susan Perry. So, from Arete Press there was born, Aiko Institute and Bright Moon Studio.

Arete Press, the first of their institutes still exists (as does Aiko Institute, a non-profit educational institute, took over in 2015 the Aikido classes offered by Musubi Dojo as the dojo closed after the death of Dr. Ronald Rubin.

BUT NOW these powerhouses share a single website pared down due to the pandemic but ready to add functions as the world opens up in 2021.

Watch this space!

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